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Ripon Grammar School, Brockington College, Burton Borough, and Millfields Primary

Ripon Grammar School, Brockington College, Burton Borough, and Millfields Primary

/ Bromcom Customer Care Team

This week at Bromcom, our Customer Success Team have been hard at work speaking to existing customers to discover what they love about our cloud-based MIS, and how we can elevate the product yet further.

Here’s just some of the feedback we have received from the Bromcom community regarding their relationship with the cloud:

Kevin Auger – Deputy Head at Ripon Grammar School

Kevin had a chat with Huseyin, our Customer Relations Lead, about all things Bromcom. He thought that the training on offer was great with some of the trainers labelled ‘magnificent’. Kevin also loves the way Bromcom have created a repository of training materials which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. When it comes to the annual timetabling process, he can just dive back into the videos and all the information is ready to go!

This support also extends to the Bromcom helpdesk. Kevin feels comfortable picking up the phone to the team. He stated that even if the question couldn’t be answered there and then, a ticket is raised, and a solution is arrived at promptly.

In Kevin’s words:

‘It (Bromcom), does everything for us’

Peter Mattock – Assistant Principal at Brockington College

Peter loves the connectivity that Bromcom offers Brockington College. If information needs to be transferred this is seamless, with automatic push notifications sent home including attendance, assessment, and behaviour. Peter, by his own admission, knows there are more capabilities within the MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) application, but they are yet to adopt these fully.

Peter also commented on the new UI updates from Bromcom. Change is often difficult in schools, but Peter believes the newly designed interface is less clunky than the previous iteration and easier to navigate for day-to-day work.

Michael Windridge – Data Manager at Burton Borough Academy

Michael spoke with our Regional Sales Lead, Darryl, about his new role as Data Manager at Burton Borough Academy. Though this new position has been a daunting switch, Michael has found Bromcom intuitive throughout and he can easily access the information he needs to fulfil his role.

He added that the help centre has been a great source of support. Again, like the system, it’s easy to navigate and Michael enjoys the fact that everything is broken down in simplistic terms.

His role primarily consists of the analysis of data trends. Michael is now able to set up automatic reports on key metrics such as attendance, which is exportable and easy to decipher, making his day-to-day activities far easier.

Anita Sparrow – Business Manager at Millfields Primary School

Anita told the team that she is completely hands-on with Bromcom. Her role involves constant usage of the software. She really enjoys the user-friendly nature and intuitiveness of the product. Anita believes that the cloud is a far better alternative to their previous hosted system and that with Bromcom’s One-Stop-Shop, you’ve got everything you need in a single location.

Anita has recommended Bromcom to other schools in the local area and we’re delighted that she feels Bromcom could be the solution to other providers’ needs.

Want to tell us about your experience with Bromcom?

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/ Bromcom Customer Care Team