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Oasis Academy Bank Leaze & Fitzharrys School

Oasis Academy Bank Leaze & Fitzharrys School

/ Bromcom Customer Care Team

The Bromcom Customer Service team have been out in the field, speaking to existing customers and finding out what they love about our cloud-based MIS. 

Here’s just some of the feedback we have received from the Bromcom community in recent weeks: 

Oasis Academy: Bank Leaze: Affonso Pacheco – Operations Manager  

While Affonso is relatively new to the Bromcom system, he is already heavily involved in a lot of the day-to-day operations within Oasis Academy: Bank Leaze.

Affonso is responsible for admissions, supporting school secretaries, and keeping an accurate record of all children on roll. Bromcom has a central role in all of the administration conducted at Oasis: Bank Leaze and it’s fair to say that the system allows them to conduct their roles efficiently. 

Affonso commented that the system is incredibly feature-rich. Even though he is still finding his way through all the elements of Bromcom, it is a better alternative to SIMS and Arbor which he has previously used.  

He likes the way clubs and trips are configured in the MIS. They are easy to set up and save office staff several hours when compared with older systems.  

In general, the friendly and intuitive layout doesn’t just support Affonso, but the entire staff cohort. Many have commented that the functionality is straightforward, and it is particularly easy to record pertinent information about students in seconds.  

Affonso has used the Bromcom Customer Service support and has been happy with both the response and the collaborative nature that has allowed him to reach effective resolutions.  

Overall, it’s clear that this is the MIS for Affonso. He would choose Bromcom over any of his previous MIS providers.  

Fitzharrys School: Tracy Tierney – MIS and Data Manager 

Tracy is an established Bromcom user at Fitzharrys School. She manages the usage across the school and supports the staff in their day-to-day usage.  

One of her favourite aspects of Bromcom is accessibility. The school don’t have to host the MIS internally. This means staff can access the data they need at any time, and from anywhere.  

Another element which allows her to conduct her role more efficiently is the cover dashboard within Bromcom. According to Tracy, it’s easy to use and allows her to assess gaps in the provision at the beginning of the day which can be remedied swiftly. 

One of the most impressive parts of Tracy’s interaction with Bromcom is that she hasn’t had any formal training on the system. With support from the Bromcom help guides, she has been able to become a certified expert on the software. Tracy can support her colleagues in reaching solutions across numerous different dashboards.  

Tracy is a true Bromcom patron. She has persuaded two other schools within the Abingdon Learning Trust to make the switch to the cloud-based MIS and finance solution.  

We’re delighted that Tracy is so happy with the system and we will continue to enhance her user experience for years to come. 

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