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Haberdashers’ Adams

Haberdashers’ Adams

/ Bromcom Customer Care Team

This week, we profile Tom Hurst, Data Manager at Haberdashers’ Adams.  

Haberdashers’ Adams is a Grammar School for boys aged 11-18 and girls aged 16-18 in Newport, Shropshire. Haberdashers’ Adams offers boarding education to students and has been a staple of the local area for the last 400 years. 

Tom is now in his third year of using Bromcom. By his own admission, his Bromcom introduction was fairly humble, organising the cover provision across the school. From there, Tom shadowed the Education Support Officer, learnt her role, and is now the go-to expert if people require help with MIS-related queries.  

Haberdashers’ Adams had operated their own in-house systems for many years, however, the person in charge of much of the technology retired and Tom was left with the daunting prospect of replacing siloed software products with Bromcom’s competing modules. He’s now the resident Bromcom superuser and the school operates with a host of Bromcom’s functionality.  

Tom said of Bromcom: 

‘The product is very good, and the MIS is consistently being improved.’ 

During the conversation, he alluded to the fact that all upgrades are completed at no cost to the user. There is no downtime for staff going about their everyday business. In addition, there was a reference to the general Bromcom interface with positive comments about the overview screen and widgets which display information crucial to Tom’s regular tasks.  

Tom is a fan of the Bromcom Community (although he did disagree with the outcome of a recent democratic vote!). He believes it is a great addition of Bromcom’s and allows users to contribute to the development of the product.  

In fact, Tom even ventured some of his own suggestions as to how we can improve our publication of new features and create more superusers like him. We’ve already passed these details on and will look at the possibility of implementing his suggestions in the near future!  

If you, like Tom, want to discuss your experience with Bromcom, to date, then we’d love to hear from you. Sign up using the link below and book your call with our Customer Relationship Manager, Darryl. 

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