Christmas Party 2022

At the end of December 2022, after a very successful year in practically every measurable category, Bromcom staff and close family members were invited to a lunch, awards and games afternoon on a premises close to Bromcom HQ.

Bromcom Christmas Party 2023 | Bromcom school MIS

Founder and Executive Chairman, Ali Guryel, spoke to the whole company and recapped the successes seen not just in 2022, but outlined how the business had grown in recent years.

With employee headcount growing from 60 to over 200 heads, a customer base over 2000 sites (with several exciting deals in the pipeline for early 2023) and securing the landmark Local Authority deal with West Sussex, it’s one of the most exciting times in the company’s history.

Awards were presented to all departments, before games began with the 100+ employees who had gathered in Bromley for the days before and after the party.

Award Winners

  • IT and Cloud Services dept. = Daniel Burbeck, presented by Osman Erener
  • Software dept. = Steve Smith, presented by Vijay Koganti
  • Sales dept. = Gerald Vaughan, presented by Paul Greathead
  • Field Sales dept. = Jason Pattinson, presented by Ali Guryel
  • Marketing dept. = Talya Garnett, presented by Tom Evans
  • Education Consultancy dept. = Scott Biggs and Dan Sears
  • Legal = Berivan Ozcelik, presented by Ali Guryel
  • Customer Services dept. = Kirsty Dixon, Elena da Silva, Julie Snow and Erica Carter, presented by Elizabeth Morgan
  • Community dept. = Darren Moody, presented by Elizabeth Morgan
  • HR dept. = Delal Ozcelik, presented by Serap Guler
  • Accounts dept. = Ozan Hassan, presented by Yeliz Guryel

Length of Service Awards were presented to:

  • Simon Lewin
  • John Condon
  • Ross Hunt
Bromcom Christmas Party 2023