The Bromcom Difference.

Our products are tailor made with you in focus, joining the dots between data, people and outcomes to create a solution with which you can thrive.

We Listen.

We Innovate.

We Care.

It doesn't matter whether you’re a School of 20 pupils or a Trust with 20000 placements, we listen to your ideas and will bring them into the product. Our users are often surprised at how we can turn their feedback into a great piece of functionality. Like you, we understand the importance of an MIS and how it can support your team to achieve the best outcomes possible. Through our extensive work with schools over the last 30 years, we’ve produced an offering that many feel is a cut above the rest. We believe that integrated functionality, a low annual charge and a great user interface is just what schools are looking for.

Investing in the product is key to our success. That’s why we’re always innovating and developing tools to make life easier for schools. For example, rather than being limited to static figures, our in-built analytics demonstrate trends and ensure you’re aware of dips in behaviour or increases in persistent absentees.

We’re also the only MIS that has Microsoft Power BI integrated into the product, allowing you to develop your own customised graphical dashboards at School or Trust level. In addition, our interface has just had a complete overhaul, so you’ll benefit from the latest technology with an intuitive look and feel.

Whether it’s ensuring we take you through every step of the migration, helping you roll out your behaviour policy or providing more functionality at no additional cost, we strive to provide a service that offers value for money and allows you to spend more on what matters most.