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Harness the power of Google for education by integrating your MIS

Harness the power of Google for education by integrating your MIS

/ Liza Adebisi

In order to have an effective digital strategy that will ultimately support their school improvement goals, schools need to integrate more systems, platforms, and tools than ever before. More importantly, they need to make those connections work to their advantages and save teachers’ time by offering a consolidated management software that does not require multiple operations to switch from app to app and manually transfer data from system to system.

Bromcom has created a new feature within the Cloud-MIS that allows users to integrate data with Google Services seamlessly.

The advantages of an MIS that integrates the Google Workspace (formerly known as Google G Suite) apps are indeed numerous.

Without integration, IT teams within the school would have to create Google accounts for all pupils and staff, create virtual classrooms and groups, and then assign users and permissions accordingly.

Bromcom provides account provisioning with the possibility of configuring an automatic synchronisation with Google Workspace. With this integration, the MIS will then automatically perform the creation and maintenance of a wide range of items. Not only does this save an enormous amount of time by getting rid of the various manual setups, but it also increases the level of information that can be utilised in the Google platform.

For example, creating new students’ accounts and then assigning them into a class would normally create a lot of admin work. With Bromcom, this is automated, and besides, pupils can be linked to a range of subgroups, departments, subjects and so on. Teachers can view groups and subgroups, making it easier to assign appropriate course work or identify problematic areas.

So what exactly does the Google Integration do?

 Here’s some of the key features and benefits:

You will be able to sync all users

Your manual operations will significantly reduce because thanks to the integration, when users are entered or registered into the MIS platform, the system will automatically transfer the data and create the relative G Suite user. In the same way, it will also delete users from the G Suite when their details expire in the MIS (for instance, if a student leaves the school).

A single sign-on for your MIS and the G Suite

You will be able to use your G Suite user account to sign into Bromcom, so you won’t have to remember different passwords or sets of credentials.

You will be able to import all your student and staff photos

Thanks to the integration, you can have all your student and staff photos uploaded from the MIS to their G Suite accounts, including Gmail and Google Classroom.

You will be able to sync Google Classroom

Students and staff can be automatically added from the MIS to the Google Classroom, saving you an enormous amount of time from copying and exporting details.

You will be able to sync with Google Groups

You can select which types of groups to create and define your own categories and hierarchies. For example, you can categorise email lists according to year group, or subject group etc. The groups are automatically updated without the need for extra manual admin to include or remove students or staff.

You will be able to sync your Calendars and Timetables

Once you populate your calendars with dates and events in your MIS, the information will automatically be viewed on the Google Calendar too, so that staff and students are always kept up to date.

You will have all your documents exported and saved on Google Drive

You can automatically transfer any documents existing in the MIS to Google Drive. In response to any security concern, the system will apply appropriate sharing permissions, so you don’t have to worry about documents being sent to the wrong recipients. All data transfer is handled securely and in compliance with GDPR.

At Bromcom, we came up with a solution for automatic synchronisation, as we understand that, while increasing responsibility for bureaucratic chores can stress teachers and staff, a modern MIS able to integrate multiple apps can be stress-free.

Our solution offers a wide range of functions that give you total control of your school information management. For any questions, or just to have an informal chat on our products, drop us a line or give us a call.

/ Liza Adebisi