Hosted by Bromcom

Live Event: Coventry – Cloud-based School MIS and Finance


Where: Coventry

Event Outline.

Working with your LA team to offer you the opportunity to discover the features and functionality of the Bromcom system from our Education Consultants. We’ll be holding sessions to help all members of your organisation: - SLT - Office Administrator - Safeguarding - Assessment - Parental and Student Engagement - Bursar Session - Pastoral / SEND - Governance


We'll cover these topics --->

  • 09:00

    Cloud-based MIS

    How it's the same of what you do now, but better

  • 10:30


    The benefits of an integrated solution

  • 12:00

    Breakout Demos

    Audience lead sessions

Event Speakers.

Hear from the experts!

Scott Biggs

Education Consultant / Bromcom

Dan Sears

Education Consultant / Bromcom

Mark Lovick

LA Relationship Manager / Bromcom

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