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Devonport High School

Devonport High School

/ Rory Haynes

How Devonport High School found an MIS that met their needs

Devonport High School is a sizeable secondary school based in Plymouth. They were tiring of their existing MIS supplier, feeling that their feedback wasn’t being listened to and the product didn’t appear to be progressing. A potential shift in supplier ownership was the final nail in the coffin as the school didn’t want to be forced into a change. Nick and his colleagues felt it was time to find a product that met their needs.

Investigating the Market

Staff at the school headed to BETT, specifically looking at MIS with a list of criteria to make sure it met all of their needs. Nick found that the Bromcom approach was very transparent and the sales staff openly demonstrated how the software could respond to their queries. They came back from the exhibition with a shortlist of three suppliers to follow up on.

Meeting with Suppliers

The school arranged individual demos and quotes from each of the MIS suppliers when they were back at base. After this, Nick ran a survey within the school to gather the questions and concerns of stakeholders. These were passed on to suppliers and Bromcom kept coming back with positive responses.

Nick was invited to a one-to-one session with one of the Product managers to discuss what he would like to see in terms of CPD tracking, an area that Bromcom were rapidly developing to avoid the need for additional bolt-on software. He was surprised to see some of his suggestions making it into the live version of the MIS during the course of the procurement. Something that hadn’t been the case with their existing supplier.

Exploring the Software

The school were given access to a Demo system to use for the duration of their search. Something that Nick and his colleagues found extremely helpful. Having the chance to really explore the software was essential as the school felt an MIS underpins everything that goes on in the school.

It became apparent how much was included in Bromcom when compared to the other suppliers. The school felt that they would need additional bolt-on software for some of the other solutions whereas Bromcom had it built-in.

Going to the vote

Nick presented his findings to the governing board, ensuring it was shown as a comparison to their existing provider and that all costs and associated charges were included. After a vote, Nick had the governors backing to proceed with Bromcom as the School’s new MIS.

Why Bromcom?

Nick and his colleagues liked the one stop shop approach that met all of their requirements. The school liked the fact that Bromcom is web-based, making it accessible for all the school stakeholders. From parents, to school teachers and leadership, it made sense to have it working with any device so they aren’t tied to a single computer.

Lastly, the school felt that Bromcom provided value for money. Something that is of importance to all establishments.