Bromcom Buy Back.

We’ll buy back your current MIS & Finance contract so you can move to Bromcom today.

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What is Bromcom Buy Back.

If you're stuck on an ageing MIS or Finance solution, our Buy Back option allows you to switch to Bromcom without having to pay for your old system. We'll discount the cost of our contract based on what you owe your existing supplier so you can move to a modern MIS and Finance system today.


Available for any
MIS or Finance contract.

We're offering our buyback facility to any school with an outstanding MIS or Finance contract of up to three years.


Suitable for any size of organisation.

Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Special or even an entire MAT, we're committed to helping every organisation move forward to break the shackles of the past.


There's no
need to wait.

It doesn't matter what time of year or where you are in your contract, we'll get you migrated to bromcom and sort out the financials.

How it works.

Share your invoice with us.

Provide your MIS costs for the remaining years of your incumbent contract.

Dividing the cost.

We'll take the cost of your current contract and divide it into five segments.

Receive a yearly discount.

Each year of your new contract with Bromcom, you'll receive one of the 5 segments in the form of a discount.

You're all set.

After 5 years, you will have recouped all the costs of your previous contract.

Why Bromcom.


We support your entire community.

Bromcom is used by everyone from the admin team, to SLT, Governors, Parents and even the students themselves, offering a single source of information for all stakeholders.

everything under one roof

Everything under one roof.

Our School MIS features everything from Assessment to Parental engagement, Finance, Analytics and Clubs management.

cloud based MIS

100% Cloud-Based.

Don’t be tied to a desk, Bromcom is accessible from any device with a web browser.​