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Our MIS enables the entire school community to support each step of a student's educational journey

bromcom dashboard
KS4 Dashboard Analytics
bromcom dashboard
KS4 Dashboard Analytics
bromcom dashboard
KS4 Dashboard Analytics
bromcom dashboard
KS4 Dashboard Analytics
bromcom dashboard
KS4 Dashboard Analytics
bromcom dashboard
KS4 Dashboard Analytics

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Cloud School MIS & Finance.

Bromcom's market leading cloud MIS & Finance solution supports your organisation to reach the next level.

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On a strategic value, with a Power BI integration, all staff at all levels can readily access meaningful reports and meaningful data in order to support their roles. It was a fantastic move as a company to have this built in."

Ian Burns

Bader Academy

We’ve got 14 schools, all with different MIS systems. When we had Bromcom’s demo, we realised it was more than just the trust features that could be improved, it was also the way our schools can transform the way they work. Everyone in the room was wowed by what it could do."

Wayne Perry

Arthur Terry

Bromcom’s unique architecture around MAT Vision where all relevant data are collated at detail level brought a solution to Oasis that no other MIS provider could have done. I highly commend Bromcom solution to other large MATs."

John Barneby

Oasis Community Learning

What I like about Bromcom Finance module is that it is constantly improving! Bromcom have supported a local network of users of the product and they are open to feedback, using this in their aim to continually make improvements both to functionality and user interface. We feel as though we have a working relationship with them as well has having a great product."

Wendy Whistler

Swavesey Primary School

I love the look and feel of the Finance module: modern, user friendly and easy to navigate. Processing transactions which then appear like magic on my bank reconciliation without having to close screens is a huge plus! The ability to email invoices and purchase orders automatically is also a huge time saver."

Jane Peterson

Fielding Primary School

I really like the system. I really like the cost centre chart of accounts enquiry screen, this is a really helpful tool to quickly look at a cost centre. Another feature which is great is that you can copy journals, this is a great advantage especially as we put so many on our system."

Sasha Udaw

Colville Primary School

Bromcom and MAT Vision has caused a change in mind set across our trust. As a trust all these things matter, better information being recorded, faster and more regular communication with parents & staff allowing action to be taken sooner."

Sam Jukes

Bedford Catholic Schools

The project to onboard 53 Oasis Academies to Bromcom in three months has been an overwhelming success. Working closely in partnership, we were able to deliver complex data migrations ahead of schedule."

Jim Gardner

Oasis Community Learning

Bromcom is a revelation – so user friendly and intuitive. Has made tracking and entering student data so much easier and faster to access!"

Helen Palmer

Harris Federation

Bromcom’s customer support is excellent, I like the daily transition calls, the response time is brilliant and of course the product itself is very good."

Phillip Furnival Jones

Ark Globe Academy

Support for the entire organisation.

Bromcom's one stop shop equips you with the tools to manage every aspect of your community, within one powerful platform

Bulk Data Entry

Use the Manual Data Export/Import process to bulk Import Student/Staff data and update multiple records at once from a single template.

Centralised access to data

Bromcom works centrally, allowing multiple users to be logged in and using the system alongside each other. Add data which is available in real time and instantly accessible to everyone.

Clubs, Trips and Wraparound Care

Create and manage Trips, Clubs or Wraparound Care services using MCAS. Monitor Payments, process refunds, enrol Students to sessions or allow Parents to book them.

Interventions & Provision Mapping

Within the pupil record you are able to store all statutory SEN information. You can record interventions and map provisions for students by uploading EHCPs and IEPs directly into the system and alert teaching staff if the status of a child has changed.

Compare schools

View, Compare and Combine data from multiple Schools using Vision.

School & Workforce Census

Use our built in Census Module throughout the year as a central hub to Generate your Census, organise your data and Run Reports when needed.

Asset Management

Create a list of and maintain your School Assets using the Equipment Register to carry out Inspections and Stock Takes.

School shop

Advertise and sell School Products in your very own Online Store using MCAS. Set account limits, product quantities and variations for parents to purchase, either by card or cash/voucher.

Export data to Excel

Export various forms of data from the MIS to Excel at the click of a button. Export Assessment Reports, Student Lists or Attendance Data in seconds.

Ledger Management

The Chart of Accounts is fully customisable enabling users with appropriate roles and permissions to define the required number of funds and ledger codes to manage their budgets.

Online Payments

Easily create and manage Online Payments for Products, Clubs, Trips and Dinners. Process refunds, enter Offline Payments and Vouchers, view Outstanding Balances and more.

Parent, student & teacher apps

MCAS Parent App - Parents can stay up to date with School Announcements, monitor their children's progress, top up Dinner Balances and much more.

Student Portal - Students can submit Homework, message their Teachers, view their Timetables and much more.

Teacher App - Teachers can take Registers, run Reports, log Behaviour Events and much more all from their device.

Apply RAG ratings

Schools are able to rate their performance with rag (Red Amber Green) rating colouring. This could be within assessment marksheets or even the school performance as a whole.

Customisable Safeguarding

Assign specific Safeguarding Practitioners, log Safeguarding Incidents and create Safeguarding Alerts with designated recipients.

Intuitive Dashboards and Analysis

Real time, interactive Dashboards which collate and organise data for KS4, KS5, Behaviour, Attendance and more. Check Progress, Attainment, Trends and more.

Parents Evening

Use Bromcom's built in Parents Evening functionality to Create Parents Evenings to suit your needs, block out unavailable appointment times, auto allocate Bookings or let parents choose their own.


Full Exam management. Import Basedata, manage Exam Seasons, Seat Candidates, create Exam Marksheets and so much more.

Flexible Assessment

Create Marksheets, implement Formulars, Import Data or Grade Students through intuitive functionality.

Automated Alerts

Configure Automated Alerts which are triggered when a specific Behaviour Event is assigned to a Student.

Control user access

Implement Password Policies, IP Based access restrictions and add/remove Permissions from a User Role to remove or provide specific functionality.


Bromcom Finance with its advanced budget management functionality has been designed to cater for all Maintained schools, Academies and MATs. The system offers a single database for all staffing, income and expenditure, with tailored user security roles to ensure the right people have the access they need across the MIS, financial management and budgeting.

SMS & Email messaging

For Emails, use Bromcom’s SMTP Service to receive a minimum of 3000 free emails each month, with additional allowances purchasable. Or use your own SMTP Service with the MIS to send emails from your own Server. Send SMS Messages to Parents or Students when needed, manage and top up SMS credits in seconds.

Built-in Analytics Dashboards

Real time, interactive Dashboards which collate and organise data for KS4, KS5, Behaviour, Attendance and more.

Google Integration

Seamless Integration of your Bromcom MIS and G Suite Tenancy. Sync Classes, Students and Staff across from Bromcom to create Google Classes, Parents Evenings and more.

Seamless integration with our MIS

Create Third Party User Accounts in minutes, which connect to Bromcom using API's to write back data from approved partners such as Inventry, Wonde or Cunninghams.


Create and Assign Homework which Students can access and submit through the Student Portal app. Or attach it to MCAS for Parents to print and assist with.

Dinner Management

Use Bromcom's Dinner Module to log Student Dinners, Create Dinner Menus and record Dinner Payments. Alternatively, Integrate Bromcom with a Cashless Catering system to manage Dinners and writeback balances

Office365 Integration

Office365 Integration is a solution for schools and trusts to sync the students, staff and groups between Bromcom and Office365. Integration syncs daily, pulling through staff, student groups and calendars across all Year Groups.

EFSA Reports

Efficient reporting to satisfy ESFA requirements. Utilise the ESFA chart of accounts and for standard reports to wholly or substantially be in a format to allow them to be uploaded directly to the ESFA portal, via API.

Dynamic groups

Create Dynamic Report Groups, which automatically update Student memberships daily, based on a filter or rule being met, such as Pupil Premium or Attendance percentage.

Timetabling & Cover

Create a Period Structure, define Period timings and Import a Timetable Model from Nova-T6, eTimetable or Keith Johnson. Use the Cover Module to create Staff Absences, Cover lessons, set up Room Closures and more.

Power BI Integration

The synergy between Bromcom and Microsoft Power BI is unrivalled in the UK MIS market. Analyse data patterns and trends within Power Bi dashboards that enable the drill-down functionality to direct lines of enquiries.

Staff and HR (CPD)

Manage Staff, Allocate Roles, assign Contracts and much more. Use the HR Module to create Hierarchies and Management Structures, as well as CPD Activities, Shared Documents and Training Opportunities

Track Comms & actions

Find, Monitor and Review Emails/Texts that have been sent from your system, with live Status’ such as Delivered or Failed. Check built in Activity Logs to monitor which areas of the system Users are going to and the Actions they are carrying out.

Behaviour pathways

Design, Create and Simulate Behaviour Workflows or Pathways before you implement them in the MIS

Seating Plans

Teachers can create bespoke Seating plans for their Teaching Classes and Tutor Groups. Recreate Room Layouts, seat children and increase capacity where required.

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